CUT COMPOUND – Massi 473ml

4,590 kr.

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Waxedshine Cut Compound is a modern formulation enabling fast paint leveling. Cut Compound is designed utilizing nano abrasive technology to remove P1000+ sanding marks and finer depending on the pad choice. Cut Compound uses a superior formulation providing a high gloss, haze free finish with easy clean-up and very little swirling. Cut Compound is body shop safe and VOC compliant. Compatible with Rotary and Da Polishers, wool, microfiber and foam pads.

Highlights and Description

P1000 + to finish
Silicone free
No fillers
Versatile formula


1) Shake well before use.

2) Using a clean pad, add 4 pea sized drops to the pad. Place the pad on the panel and at a very low speed hold it in the same spot running the machine for around 5 seconds. This will help the product spread evenly into the pad and not sling.

3) Working in a 2ft x 2ft area, start at a lower speed and evenly spread the product.

4) Slowly pass the work area utilizing a crosshatch pattern. Once you have completed the first pass, speed up the machine, use light pressure and faster movements.

5) After you have completed a full pass, drop the speed of the machine back down and finesse the area, remove any pressure and polish the area for a final pass.

6) Wipe off using a clean microfiber towel and inspect the area, if needed repeat the previous steps until the desired finish is achieved.

7) For a final (optional) step follow up with Waxedshine Fine Polish on a finishing foam pad for that extra level of gloss.