ONE HYBRID- Massi 473ml

4,590 kr.

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ONE HYBRID | Compound + Polish quantity

ONE Hybrid is both a correction compound and a polish that finishes down very well. Created using innovative non abrasives, ONE Hybrid works with both DA and Rotary polishers. It can also be used by hand in areas that a machine cannot access. ONE Hybrid offers a quick cut and a gloss that enables it to be a “one step” correction system. Another great use for ONE Hybrid is as a polish using a foam polishing pad following CUT Compound.

Highlights and Description

P1800+ to finish
Silicone free
No fillers
Ultra low dust
High gloss finish


1) Shake well before use.

2) Apply 4 small dots onto a pad.

3) Set the polisher to a low speed and spread the product over the panel.

4) Speed up the machine and work the product making sure to crosshatch.

5) Wipe off the panel with a clean microfiber towel and inspect. If needed continue the previous steps until the desired finish is achieved.

6) To use as a polish use a foam polishing pad and follow the steps above.