IRON OFF 473ml

2,490 kr.

Iron Off is formulated to remove iron and fallout contamination. Ferrous deposits can cause surface corrosion along with brake dust causing damage if not removed in a timely manner. Iron Off is safe and effective on automotive paint and most wheel types.

NOTE: Iron Off should not be used on bare metal, raw aluminum, bare metal parts, wheel balancing weights, or some paint repairs. If possible mask off those areas. Avoid letting Iron Off dry on any surface. Iron Off is easy to use and you can see it work almost instantly as it turns purple when it is in contact with ferrous particles. Iron Off turns iron fallout into a water soluble particle making for easy removal when rinsing off. Iron Off works it’s magic instantly over 5 minutes at which point you can wash the surface and thoroughly rinse. In some cases you may still want to clay the vehicle for a final, thorough prep process prior to polishing or protecting the paintwork.

Highlights and Description

pH balanced formula
Works on rims and paintwork
Dissolves Iron deposits
Color changing formulation
Ultra low odor


1) Shake well before use.
2) If working on the wheels, work one rim at a time. Spray onto a cold wheel and allow Iron Off to start breaking down the ferrous particles.
3) To speed up the process use a wheel brush and gently agitate the rim.
4) Wait up to 5 minutes, do not let Iron Off dry on the surface. If needed apply more to keep the product wet. Rinse off with a hose or pressure washer.
5) Repeat the process for all the other wheels.


1) Shake well before use.
2) Make sure the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and is clean before continuing.
3) Once clean, mist Iron Off on to a cool vehicle, work areas that allow you to manage the process within a 5 minute dwell time.
4) It is important to make sure you do not let Iron Off dry completely on the surface. Wet if required to keep it active.
5) After up to 5 minutes, wash the vehicle again and throughly rinse off. Continue around the vehicle until completely decontaminated.