2,790 kr.


Waxedshine Final Wax is a blend of the finest waxes, resins and shine enchancing ingredients. Final Wax is a waterbased formula that will provide a durable protective shine that gives improved gloss and protection. Final Wax can be applied by hand or using a DA Polisher and finishing pads as a final step. Final Wax works on paint, rims and metal surfaces. The formula is an easy on – easy off option for keeping your car shiny and protected.

Highlights and Description


  • Suitable for all paint finishes
  • Easy on – Easy off formula
  • Hand or machine applied
  • Wax and resin blend
  • All weather protection


1) Shake well before use.

2) Make sure the vehicle is washed thoroughly and dried.

3) If applying by hand use a soft microfiber applicator and apply in straight lines, one panel at a time.

4) If applying by machine, use a soft finishing pad, apply 4 pea sized drops and at a low speed work into the panel.

5) Allow Final Wax to form a haze and using a clean plush microfiber towel, wipe off the product to leave a high gloss shine.

6) Continue the process around the vehicle, avoiding plastic trim and unpainted plastics.